Learning through play, within a safe warm and stimulating child centered environment lays a foundation in the formative years, for future learning's.

Special emphasis on self-confidence, socialization, intellectual development, language use, and physical development in, a quality age stage atmosphere created by caring, interested, and enthusiastic teachers fosters and nurtures the positive growth and development of children individually and within the group setting.

The teachers understand, accept, and respect the children in their care, and the children in turn feel secure and valued in a trusting relationship.

The Canadian Child Care Federation Recommends to parents that caregivers are key to quality child care. They understand how children grow and learn.They are affectionate and responsive, open and informative.

They provide a stable and stimulating environment.
They seek out community resources and support.
They respect the parent's child-rearing philosophy.
They are willing to develop common goals.

A child plays to find something out stimulated by natural curiosity to do so. Once this is satisfied something else must be discovered. Children learn to play, and play to learn, understanding and expanding their world, with the opportunity to develop independence, creativity, and co-operation.

It is important that a child be stimulated by the environment to promote a natural and spontaneous approach to learning. We set the stage for learning, keeping in mind the stages of play, and the great degree of individual difference.

Please note there is an element of play of which we know very little. We can only speculate on a child's inner thoughts. We understand what we observe or hear in play, but we guess it's only a small portion of a child's secret reflection.